About This Site

DCPoetry.com exists primarily to promote three readings series in Washington, DC -- Bridge Street Books, in your ear at the D.C. Arts Center, and Ruthless Grip at The Black Squirrel -- and the work of poets featured therein. The anthologies contain work by writers who read in the reading series; unsolicited manuscripts are not considered.

The site also attempts to document some of the history of alternative, avant-garde, experimental, innovative or non-mainstream poetry activity in D.C. by gathering already-existing information and new contributions from those who were and are involved in the scene.

This site was created in Fall 2000 by Tom Orange, who absorbed much of the content first posted by Allison Cobb and Jen Coleman on their earthlink.com site, continuing the annual anthologies they started and adding the history and documentary materials. In Summer 2005, Ryan Walker came on board in the role of Webmaster, along with Adam Good and Mel Nichols as Contributing Editors.

For more information, or to make suggestions regarding this site, email us at contact [at] dcpoetry [dot] com.