Sunday, May 19, 3:00 p.m.
Patrick Durgin, Kirsten Hilgeford and Kevin Varrone
@ in your ear @ DCAC
Please join us on Sunday, May 19 at 3 p.m. at the DC Arts Center (2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan, just south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street) for a poetry reading by PATRICK F. DURGIN, KIRSTEN HILGEFORD and KEVIN VARRONE. It will be our grand finale of the spring season!

PATRICK F. DURGIN is the author of three chapbooks of poetry: Pundits Scribes Pupils (Potes & Poets, 1998), And so on (Texture Press, 1999), and Sorter (Duration Press, 2001). Sorter is available as a free pdf file online from Duration Press ( <> ). Durgin has published widely in small-press magazines such as Chain, Crayon, Ixnay, Lipstick Eleven, and Tripwire and is an occasional contributor to Rain Taxi Review of Books. His collaborations with poet Jen Hofer appear in recent issues of Aufgabe and Combo. He's recently delivered talks on the poetry of Lyn Hejinian and Jackson Mac Low, as well as "avant-garde" theories of "tradition" as seen through the lens of USAmerican small-press periodicals of the late 20th century. He is a practicing pacifist.

KIRSTEN HILGEFORD has lived in Seattle, Baltimore, Portland (OR) and Manhattan. She currently lives in Virginia where she is enrolled in George Mason University's MFA Poetry program. Kirsten is the Non-fiction Editor of So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and the Arts, and has recently won the Thesis Fellowship from GMU's Poetry program for the 2002-2003 academic year.

KEVIN VARRONE is co-founder of BeautifulSwimmer Press. His poems have appeared most recently in Pom2, issue #2, The Transcendental Friend, and the anthology Invisible City. A chapbook, g-point Almanac, was published in Spring 2000 by ixnay press. He lives in Baltimore.


2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
(south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street)
All readings are on third Sundays at 3 PM, Admission $5, FREE for DCAC members