Sunday, May 20, 3:00 p.m.
Bruce Andrews and Mel Nichols
@ in your ear @ DCAC
BRUCE ANDREWS was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April Fools Day, 1948. He is the author of several dozen books of poetry and performance scores, most recently, Swoon Noir from Salt Press.  The Millennium Project, a thousand-page sequence, is online on Craig Dworkin's Eclipse site ( Other titles include R + B (Segue, 1981), Wobbling (Roof Books, 1981), Excommunicate (Potes & Poets, 1982), Love Songs (Pod Books, 1982), I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (Or, Social Romanticism) (Abacus, 1986), Give 'Em Enough Rope (Sun & Moon, 1987), Executive Summary (Potes & Poets, 1991), Tizzy Boost (The Figures, 1993), Divestiture (Drogue Press, 1994), Ex Why Zee (Roof Books, 1995), Getting Ready to Have Been Frightened (Roof Books, 1998), and Lip Service (Coach House, 2001). His essays on poetics are collected in Paradise & Method: Poetics & Praxis (Northwestern University Press, 1996); more recent essays (on & by) are in the Aerial 9 anthology Bruce Andrews: Contemporary Poetics as Critical Theory (Edge Books, 1999) and on Andrews's author page at the Electronic Poetry Center ( He is the former co-editor, with Charles Bernstein, of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E (1978-1982; reprinted online at Eclipse) and The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book (Southern Illinois University Press, 1984). Andrews has taught Political Science at Fordham University since moving to New York City in 1975 — with a focus on global capitalism, U.S. imperialism, the politics of communication, conspiracy theory, and covert politics. In New York City, he has also been involved in a long series of collaborative multi-media theatrical projects and performances. As composer, sound designer & live mixer, since the mid 1980s, he has been Music Director for Sally Silvers & Dancers.
MEL NICHOLS lives in Washington, DC and teaches at George Mason University. Her chapbook, Day Poems, was published by Edge Books in 2005, and another chapbook, The Beginning of Beauty, is forthcoming in 2007, based on the blog project at  Her recent or forthcoming journal publications include Fascicle, FourSquare, Ixnay, PipLit, Tangent, Gargoyle, Phoebe, So to Speak, Anomaly, Forklift: Ohio, Rock Heals, and New Ohio Review.  With Kaplan Harris she curates the Ruthless Grip Poetry Series at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. She is also co-editor of the forthcoming illuminated meat.


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