Sunday, June 20, 3:00 p.m.
NEOSOUNDS: Words and Music from Northeast Ohio
@ DC Arts Center
Please join the In Your Ear Reading Series for performances by Temple Fugate, Steve Goldberg, Allisun Hovater, Jose Luna, Tom Orange, Haley Stephan and Carmen Tracey at 3PM on Sunday, June 20, 2010, under the banner headline:

NEOSOUNDS: Words and Music from Northeast Ohio

A sprawling hulk of urban misplanning and post-industrial unsustainability, the Greater Cleveland area has at its rusty and largely abandoned core a great wealth of creative verbal, visual and sound artists drawn and kept there by, among other things, the cheap cost of living and a certain permission to do whatever the hell you want. Nothing nearly as coherent as a "scene," but more like a loosely affiliated agglutination of semi-incestuous sub-scenes. (Indie rockers and noise bros, academic and street poets rarely hang out together, though they will throw each other knowing head nods when they end up at the same shit-hole bar.) Instead, presented here is one slice or snapshot, seven friends out of many who like each other a helluva lot and think the creativity they share will knock your socks off.

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STEVE GOLDBERG is a Dilbert dungeon escapee and a bodhisattva wannabe. Launched into a new experiment in neo-beat bohemianism, he has for 4 years organized a monthly poetry free-for-all at the Literary Café in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont. His poems have been included in many local small zines, anthologies, and books and has contributed to recordbreaking readings across the country. His favorite color is plaid.

ALLISUN HOVATER grew up in the wretched suburbs of neighboring Lake County, Ohio. She is a writer of poetry and Lester Bangs-inspired rock journalism, a dancer, art curator, music promoter, and ex-officio queen of the Tremont art scene. Upcoming projects include a gallery exhibit and perfect-bound book featuring collaborations between over two dozen Cleveland poets and photographers.

JOSE ALBERTO LUNA is an indigenous Clevelander, musician and non-material artist.  He has performed at The Intuit Center for Outsider Art in Chicago, Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art, Big Orbit Gallery's Soundlab in Buffalo and more punk houses, D.I.Y. spaces, bars, clubs, parties than you can shake a stick at.

TOM ORANGE returned to his hometown almost two years ago and, try as he might, can't quite shake the academic poetry beast gnawing at his leg. Recent and upcoming performances at Sp@ce 224 Gallery (Buffalo), The Woodward Line (Detroit), and the Post_Moot Convocation (Oxford, OH).

HALEY STEPHAN is a singer-songwriter from Saginaw, Michigan who, after months traveling across the U.S., landed in Cleveland six weeks ago and liked it so much she decided to stay. She is a Pisces. Dennis Hopper came to her in a dream recently and told her that she's not getting enough sleep.

CARMEN TRACEY wants you to know that all those instances of spontaneous discovery, those hyper-real moments of revelatory clarity, those mind-boggling incidences of seemingly impossible synchronicity? Yeah, well, those were all false memories, deliberately engineered according to mathematical principles and implanted in your brain by our totalitarian robot overlords. Sorry.


2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
(south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street)
All readings are on third Sundays at 3 PM, Admission $5, FREE for DCAC members