Some of Us Press

Title: Edge
Author: Andrews, Bruce
Year: 1973
Description: [32] p. p., 22 cm.
Note(s): Poems./ Edition of 500 copies./

Title: She's a Jim-dandy
Author: Baker, Susan
Year: 1973
Description: 32 p. : p., ill. ;, 22 cm.
Note(s): Edition limited to 500 copies./ Paperbound in white; printed and illustrated in black with front cover photo.

Title: Blocks
Author: Cox, Ed
Year: 1973
Description: 32p. ; p., 22cm.

Title: High there
Author: Dlugos, Tim
Year: 1973
Description: [24]p. p., 22cm.

Title: Lamplights used to feed the deer
Author: Dreyer, Lynne.
Year: 1974
Description: [42] p. ; p., 22 cm.

Title: Moving violation
Author: Edgcomb, Gabrielle Simon
Year: 1973
Description: 28 p. ; p., 22 cm.

Title: Lunes
Author: Gibson, Margaret.
Year: 1973
Description: 31 p. ; p., 22 cm.

Title: How us white folks discovered rock and roll.
Author: Holland, William
Year: 1973
Description: 30p. p., 22cm.
Note(s): Poems./ "Five hundred copies."

Title: What happens next
Author: Inman, P.
Year: 1974
Description: [27]p. p., 22cm.
Note(s): Poems./ "An edition of 500 copies."

Title: Ice fishing
Author: Joselow, Beth
Year: 1974
Description: 32 p. ; p., 22 cm.

Title: These days
Author: Lally, Lee
Year: 1972
Description: 36 p. ; p., 21 cm.
Note: Poems./ Edition of 500 copies.

Title: The south orange sonnets
Author: Lally, Michael
Year: 1972
Description: 20p. p., 21cm.
Note(s): Limited to 500 copies.

Title: Scar tissue
Author: Randolph, Leonard.
Year: 1973
Description: 53 p. ; p., 22 cm.

Title: Blue skies
Author: Schuchat, Simon
Year: 1973
Description: 26 p. ; p., 21 cm.

Title: A rumor of inhabitants
Author: Slater, Robert
Year: 1974
Description: [34] p. ; p., 22 cm

Title: Boning up
Author: Winch, Terence
Year: 1972
Description: 27p. p., 22cm.

Title: The ultimate double play
Author: Zahniser, Ed
Year: 1974
Description: [28] p. : p., ill. ;, 22 cm.
Note(s): "500 copies of this book were published."

Source: OCLC WorldCat database