History Project


  • Jim Brodey
    "A Passel of DC Bards"
    from the Poetry Project Newsletter 44 (April 1, 1977)
  • Buck Downs, Rod Smith, & Mark Wallace
    "You Can't Stop Us: Three Independent DC Publishers"
    interview with Ross Taylor from the Washington Review 20.6 (April/May 1995)
  • Richard Peabody
    "Washington's Literary Pulse"
    from Arts Washington, September 1999
  • Joan Retallack
    "About Mass Transit: The Dupont Circle Circle"
    from the Washington Review 14.2 (August/September 1988)
  • Ed Zahniser
    "Into Our Own Hands: A Report from Some of Us Press"
    from Margins 10 (February-March 1974)

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