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The 3d Matchmove Artist

Please remove that tendril from my armrest
stated Professor Armitage matter-of-factly
as the blizzard picked up the chalet

Like a mountebank emptying the contents
of a bureau drawer onto the floor at the feet
of a girl clutching an atomizer

Like the last dendrite on a neural network
this swirling motion produces a hazy view
of Lake Toehold up ahead on the right

Remove your glasses
the chipped, striated containment walls
slip shivering into the slotted earth

A jarring sensation leaves us speechless
for a moment, then Will Smith utters
another mot juice and all hell

Breaks for lunch it's just another
day at the office only this time
the brain boys bought bread shoes

So it's gonna be a cakewalk
no biggee, XYZ chromosomes
should be interesting, we'll see, hello!

Standard sensation meter brackets
flashing somewhere across the bridge
and if you don't have a spoon

Don't look here for a view
the ice will just cream all over you
latency barometer zero

Your place per night
fantasy replacing extracurriculars
in the wingnut lounge

You really ought to do something about those tables
said the stars
and for a moment I believed them