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2002 Anthology

Renee Angle: stoplight
Renee Angle: The Tenement
Charles Bernstein: Photo Opportunity
Daniel Bouchard: Some Mountains Removed
Jordan Davis: Six Poems
Susan Gardner Dillon: we want oh
Susan Gardner Dillon: poor. paradise.
Susan Gardner Dillon: The Blue Door
Susan Gardner Dillon: ever-cast
Susan Gardner Dillon: of rigorous wanting & song
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 43: Gap
Marcella Durand: Lapides sui generis
Patrick Durgin: After Rakosi
Patrick Durgin: from Litmus Redact
Laura Elrick: TOW to MOUTH
Laura Elrick: Why I Am Not a Poetrist
Andy Fogle: Concussion Song
Andy Fogle: Half a Point
Drew Gardner: Marie Menken
Drew Gardner: Black Atlantic Sky
Drew Gardner: Sugar Pill
Lorraine Graham: [untitled]
Michael Magee: A Night Piece
Michael Magee: Morning Constitutional
Michael Magee: The Last Days of Freedom
Chris McCreary: kward minotaurs
Carol Mirakove: from month
Chris Nealon: "Yours Alone"
Chris Nealon: Park blocks
Mel Nichols: from The Silent Tongue
Leonard Schwartz: Elations II
Juliana Spahr: Alphabet Poem
Rodrigo Toscano: Die Wahrheit Ist Konkret
Terence Winch: from Lit from Below