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Anthology :: Bridge Street Books

Rae Armantrout: ADDRESS
Rae Armantrout: THE RACKET
Rae Armantrout: CONCENTRATE
Rae Armantrout: OPERATIONS
Charles Bernstein: Window's End
Anselm Berrigan: Free Cell
Joshua Clover: Late Style
Joshua Clover: The Other Atelier
Joshua Clover: Whiteread Walk
Joshua Clover: Chreia
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 60: Rebus
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 63: Dialogue of self and soul
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 72: Nanifesto
Thomas Evans: A Rise in Sets
Michael Friedman: Ten Prose Poems from Species
Noah Eli Gordon: Gepetto Also Made a Mother
Noah Eli Gordon: from Novel Pictorial Noise
Lisa Jarnot: Double Husband Sonnet
Lisa Jarnot: Bap
Lisa Jarnot: I Can
Lisa Jarnot: Hemo
Lisa Jarnot: Swiss Fish
Lisa Jarnot: Indian Hot Wings
Lisa Jarnot: Tiny Little Shrimp
Adeena Karasick: A note on Dyssemia Sleaze
Amy King: Swollen With Sun
Amy King: Yes, You
Amy King: I Want Your War
Mel Nichols: Day Poem
Ron Padgett: From Dante
Kit Robinson: Neurosis
Kit Robinson: The 3d Matchmove Artist
Kit Robinson: The Burn Rate
Kaia Sand: from Progeny
Juliana Spahr: Alphabet Poem
Chris Stroffolino: The Shape I'm In
Chris Stroffolino: Things To Do With Fire
Chris Stroffolino: 100% Beside Myself
Chris Stroffolino: 18 1/2 Minute Gap
Chris Stroffolino: Fish Story
Chris Stroffolino: After Long Conversation
Chris Stroffolino: Boy
Chris Stroffolino: For M.
Chris Stroffolino: AZB of Reading
Mark Wallace: Scorecard
Mark Wallace: Today at Eleven
Mark Wallace: Art Imitates Art
Mark Wallace: Shifting
Mark Wallace: Resplendent Rituals
Mark Wallace: from Crab
Terence Winch: Pay Me My Money Down
Terence Winch: Recoveries
Terence Winch: Valentine
Terence Winch: Skeleton Crew
Terence Winch: This Feeling of Closeness
Geoffrey Young: Happy Boysenberry
Geoffrey Young: Ragtime
Geoffrey Young: Finally
Geoffrey Young: Poem