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2003 Anthology

Bruce Andrews: Between
Jules Boykoff : the general form of value
Martin Corless-Smith: The Works of William Williamson
Tina Darragh: numb to dumb
Katie Degentesh: The Banana: An Essay
Katie Degentesh: Bog of Odd Glitter
Lynne Dreyer: from Keeper
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (My Hero)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Occupation)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Chronical)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Repository)
Josey Foo: Gravel
Josey Foo: Evening
Josey Foo: Beams
P. Inman: from now/time
Beth Joselow: Tantrum
Beth Joselow: Where is the luck?
Aaron Kunin: Four Poems
Brendan Lorber: Ringer
Brendan Lorber: Be the Ball
Brendan Lorber: Feel the Urn
Brendan Lorber: Collateral Omelette
Gwyn McVay: Dies Irae
Gwyn McVay: Her Superpowers
K. Silem Mohammad: Sold Out
K. Silem Mohammad: Wallace Stevens
K. Silem Mohammad: The World of Gourds
K. Silem Mohammad: Not a War Blog
K. Silem Mohammad: Muchos Talented
K. Silem Mohammad: Babies R Us
Bob Perelman: Here 2
Bob Perelman: Postcard Poetics
David Perry: New Years
Kit Robinson: The Burn Rate
Kit Robinson: The 3d Matchmove Artist
Kit Robinson: Neurosis
Richard Roundy: The Other Kind of Vertigo
Richard Roundy: Tab A Goes into Slot B
Kaia Sand: Prologue
Kaia Sand: forecast
Kaia Sand: Appellation
Kaia Sand: feedback
Kaia Sand: obsolescence
Kerri Sonnenberg: from tabulet
Catherine Wagner: I Walked in the House
Catherine Wagner: Very Nice-Looking
Ryan Walker: Psychology
Mark Wallace: from Crab