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2001 Anthology

Jules Boykoff : city-dwellers
Jules Boykoff : For Whom Does It Boom?
Jonathan Brannan: from Deaccessioned Landscape
Leslie Bumstead: from Abidjan Notebooks
Elizabeth Burns: Lilacs
Allison Cobb: Two Poems
Jennifer Coleman: Two Poems
Aviva Cristy: The Bone Folder
Aviva Cristy: Balance
Aviva Cristy: Risking Silence
Aviva Cristy: Not Enough Light
Aviva Cristy: The Expected Tragedies
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 17
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 16
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 18
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 25
Graham Foust: Three Poems
Ethan Fugate: from Pneumatic Poems
Daniel Gu: Correlation
Daniel Gutstein: You will be cold again
Daniel Gutstein: Noisemaker
Daniel Gutstein: Sonnet
Daniel Gutstein: The whole of the transfinite
Jefferson Hansen: Swallowing What Dirt
Jefferson Hansen: We are Dumb as Bells
Jefferson Hansen: Two Boys Bothering Us
Lisa Jarnot: Tiny Little Shrimp
Lisa Jarnot: Indian Hot Wings
Lisa Jarnot: Swiss Fish
Susan Landers: no clearance in niche
Susan Landers: so long as
Susan Landers: fable for little fishes
Emily Lu: Lakefront #1
Emily Lu: Dreaming of Li Po
Emily Lu: Lakefront #2
Emily Lu: Altarpiece #16
Emily Lu: [untitled]
Ange Mlinko: Index Excerpt (Book)
Cheryl Pallant: from Uncommon Grammar Cloth
Kristin Prevallet: One Final Blow to Mankind
Heather Ramsdell: from Vague Swimmers
Heather Ramsdell: Good Sheep
Kaia Sand: from Progeny
Lytle Shaw: Six Bodily Graphs
Lytle Shaw: Eight Pairs
Lytle Shaw: Poem
Lytle Shaw: Guru Nook
Chris Stroffolino: Boy
Chris Stroffolino: Lingua Franca
Chris Stroffolino: Things To Do With Fire
Chris Stroffolino: For M.
Chris Stroffolino: The Shape I'm In
Chris Stroffolino: 100% Beside Myself
Chris Stroffolino: 18 1/2 Minute Gap
Chris Stroffolino: Fish Story
Chris Stroffolino: After Long Conversation
Chris Stroffolino: AZB of Reading
Gary Sullivan: Narrow Gauge
Gary Sullivan: (Untitled)
Thomas Lowe Taylor: Here (for Karen)
Bill Tuttle: postcards from nirvana