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Metropolis 25

A National History of Popular Music & Letters, Vol. 1

Carry on my strewn soaring e-mo-tion
There'll be bench burring hotly beyond
Largely elliptical blurted illusion
Lay your weary taste is meager don't you
Cry no more e-mo-tion every done
Potato means more stormy con-fus-ion
But I flew too high the barren touchless-
Ness of memory carry on my way
Under neon ocean don't you cry no
More football sea of emotion and if
I claim to be a chickenshit button
It surely means that I won't go soaring
Ever higher stormy cleats when you
Are done don't you cry of the shakes no more

(Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas and Miles Champion)


Ev'-ry time my face is getting nearer
All these lines dusk to dawn the past is gone
Some things told to me about the killer
I know nobody's home where it comes and
Where it goes small rings around the eyes of
His ski mask his thefts so bold sing with me
Grey-dark asphalt siding virgin Mary
In the front yard small and bare darkness lurks
Sing for the laughter will take you a-way
Dream on hangs on a fishing line frontseat
Underwater all your dream until your
Dreams come maybe tomorrow the good Lord
Sing a meatpie blanket at a pub soggy
Tissue the good Lord will take you a-way
(Dream On Aerosmith and Brenda Coultas)


Some people call me the bloated de-craft
Some call me the clamor canned congress'
Collar snorkel cause I'm right here at home
You're the cutest aplharetical smirk-
Off following a post-NAFTA-noon nap
Come on hex nut and show a little alps
Cause I'm a gentle mettle I'm a Dodge
Cadaver dig this mixed up plumbing I'm
Creamed corn to academe playing my dobro
In the sun lovey dovey lovey C-
Span really love your peaches want to shake
Your pseudopod some people call me the
Brand name Mourice cause I'm a hush hush sam-
Ovar I sure don't want to hurt no one

(The Joker The Steve Miller Band and Tim Davis)


Buddy you're a long boy smears with spittle
Uteri venoms flying elf-shot boils
Mud on your face open a vein before
The fourth day singin' we will we will rock
In your chest autocrat at the breakfast
Table serum of virgin cows & sheep
Sanctuary the ordinary acts
Of life wandering scholars vinegar
Eels the heart has the special seat of life
Singin' we will we will autopsy mas-
Querading fox and bear of equal parts
Inflammation you big disgrace short boy
Old man poor man Saxon Goth long-heads all
O-ver the place singin' we will we will...
(We Will Rock You Queen and Kim Rosenfield)


The point, however, is to change it by
Machine a soft purring the spotted owl
Get in line seek the big secret shirt gets
Opened crawlspace Anselm's fisting cheetos
Singin' I love new convents soldier take
Another pill in the gun shop baby
I love rock n' roll what do you do in
Real life baby a statue pretending
A minor devil in a major trip-
Tych probably should get going singin'
I love to say Volvo in a certain
Way hand me the Bulgarian umbrella,
Comrade moving on those who imagined
Themselves panelists God hangs another
Dime in the whooly lamb sequel singin...
(I love Rock 'N' Roll Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Kevin Davies)


Transparently solid want to inhale
Cherry Como and the valley is low
They astrologize piles of service
They celebrate the crowded images
Of life--come on and take a free ride
Come on in the ideal ocean yeah yeah
Trippy until Santa and why'dja get
Windows come on sit here by my over
Arching Soviet hat-trick answers and
Whispers lead you into the promised land
Hot pants of a former writer gestures
Sight Ashbery's Europe on which way to go
The mountain is high the palette is thin
And you're confused by the yeah yeah free ride
(Free Ride The Edgar Winter Group and Brian Kim Stefans)


Time keeps on warbling warbling warbling de-
Ja the slow maple caption her caption
I want to fly like a slippery crowbar
Pie into the pure croon nightbird carry
Me feel the blurred lake picture silence
Months bud open my future venetian
Reality keeps on ticking warbling
My erosional calm I want to fly
Jug facing the viewer let my spirit
Burlap a fraud misty blue organ oak-
Tree magic shoe the people why the sea
Is slang house the slink life-sized General
Washington songsters in ankle down shade
Like a bird let my spirit puberty

(Fly Like An Eagle The Steve Miller Band and Melanie Neilson)


With the message of your call here lies the
Weak link but the callers just pretending
And I have always been the callee so
You go back call leave me a message reels
Turnin round and round maybe they had
Other callers you go back track one other
Callers here lies the weak link who stole your
Message but the caller isn't calling
And in this way you do chastise so you
Go back call do it again reels taping
Round and round you go back message remind
Them this is actually a late returned
Call must sense this is happening so they
Pretend to call back jack do it again . . .

(Do It Again Steely Dan and Dan Farrell)


Backstroke lover here beneath my mantle
Who picks up my lute of dick to dick king-
Dom come he said "You ain't seen nothing till
You're down on a muffin" didja dismount
And rest of dick axed when she told me to
Walk this way, walk this way just gimme a
Cower of dick like this with her sister
And her cousin see-saw swinger the dis-
Patcher with her feet in the air who paid
Or did not pay diddle for oral sex
In the High School suite with your kitty in
The middle swing like you don't care so I
Took a big chance to the Party Dance just
Gimme a walk this way, talk this way . . .

(Walk This Way Aerosmith and Judith Goldman)


I woke up this surface and I began
Dreaming discrepancy's essence I feel
My old or rather marinates walking
Away more than a feeling transmission
Of knowledge and I see my old mental
Image walking away from perception
I feel my old valleys of lost in my
Music turn the sprinkler on more than an
Attica nefarious dugout I feel my
Old eternal returns slipping away
And I begin dreaming jettisons its
Holiness more than a function a high
Staff turnover when I hear that old tape
Throb I close my eyes and I slip away . . .

(More Than A Feeling Boston and Rod Smith)


Hey kids an Xtra premium cash date
World's transaction's known to change the weather
Your gonna hear electric balances
X-out sprawling ennui spasmic you know
I read it in a magazine B-B
B-B-B-Build-ups and incest... hey kids
Replicas of visions no amount of
Moral staging our parents in the streets
O they're weird and they're wonderful
Continuum's so far out B-B-B
Build-ups newly invested she's got in-
Attention electric boots leisure time
A mohair suit you know I read build-ups
B-B-Breakdowns complicit and the jets.

(Bennie and the Jets Elton John and Rodrigo Toscano)