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Anthology :: In Your Ear

David Baratier: Estrella's Prophecies #1
David Baratier: Estrella's Prophecies #2
David Baratier: Pimp Baseball
David Baratier: The fall of because
David Baratier: Borrowed
Bill Berkson: She Hung Up
Bill Berkson: Salad Spinner
Bill Berkson: Regency
Jules Boykoff : For Whom Does It Boom?
Jules Boykoff : city-dwellers
Jonathan Brannan: from Deaccessioned Landscape
Leslie Bumstead: from Abidjan Notebooks
Leslie Bumstead: CIPHER
Christophe Casamassima: Sedici, Ulysses
Christophe Casamassima : Three Poems
Miles Champion: Providence
Miles Champion: Garage Door Opium System
Allison Cobb: Two Poems
Jennifer Coleman: Two Poems
Kyle Conner: from Ergo Program
Aviva Cristy: Balance
Aviva Cristy: Risking Silence
Aviva Cristy: The Bone Folder
Aviva Cristy: Not Enough Light
Aviva Cristy: The Expected Tragedies
Catherine Daly: Two Degrees of Freedom
Catherine Daly: Two Given Quantities
Catherine Daly: The Heck of It (Art's Sake)
Tina Darragh: numb to dumb
Katie Degentesh: The Banana: An Essay
Katie Degentesh: Bog of Odd Glitter
Buck Downs: pontiac fever
Buck Downs: love's labor update
Buck Downs: massive passages
Lynne Dreyer: from Keeper
Patrick Durgin: from Litmus Redact
Patrick Durgin: After Rakosi
Cathy Eisenhower: i: e.d. (from Crack)
Cathy Eisenhower: ii: w.w. (from Crack)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (My Hero)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Occupation)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Chronical)
Cathy Eisenhower: from Panic Poems (Repository)
Laura Elrick: TOW to MOUTH
Laura Elrick: Why I Am Not a Poetrist
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Sonnet for the New Year
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Resurrecting the Fly
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Lullaby
Andy Fogle: Half a Point
Andy Fogle: Concussion Song
Graham Foust: Three Poems
Ethan Fugate: In Habit
Ethan Fugate: An Argument, In
Ethan Fugate: from Pneumatic Poems
Michael Gottlieb : Inconvenient Affects
Michael Gottlieb : Writing Dust
Lorraine Graham: [untitled]
Jessica Grim: Pasture.1
Jessica Grim: Bay
Valerie Hanson: versus
Valerie Hanson: and through water,
Brenda Iijima: At the Point
P. Inman: from now/time
Beth Joselow: Where is the luck?
Beth Joselow: Tantrum
Aaron Kunin: Four Poems
Susan Landers: fable for little fishes
Susan Landers: so long as
Susan Landers: no clearance in niche
Susan Landers: Little Ray Talking
Susan Landers: What She Gives Herself
Hiram Larew: Hope
Hiram Larew: No I Can't
Emily Lu: Altarpiece #16
Emily Lu: [untitled]
Emily Lu: Dreaming of Li Po
Emily Lu: Lakefront #1
Emily Lu: Lakefront #2
Michael Magee: A Night Piece
Michael Magee: The Last Days of Freedom
Michael Magee: Morning Constitutional
Chris McCreary: kward minotaurs
Gwyn McVay: Her Superpowers
Gwyn McVay: Dies Irae
Carol Mirakove: from month
K. Silem Mohammad: Ape Diet Parking Lot Effect
K. Silem Mohammad: Why Jesus Hates Architects
K. Silem Mohammad: Sold Out
K. Silem Mohammad: Wallace Stevens
K. Silem Mohammad: The World of Gourds
K. Silem Mohammad: Not a War Blog
K. Silem Mohammad: Muchos Talented
K. Silem Mohammad: Babies R Us
Bob Perelman: Here 2
Bob Perelman: Postcard Poetics
Lee Riley-Hammer: Poems November 15, 1999
Michael Scharf: from Model States
Jesse Seldess : Present Surround
Lytle Shaw: Six Bodily Graphs
Lytle Shaw: Eight Pairs
Lytle Shaw: Poem
Lytle Shaw: Guru Nook
Frank Sherlock: Elegy
Frank Sherlock: Smile
Frank Sherlock: Ace of Diamond Satellite
Justin Sirois: fool proof
Justin Sirois: new states
Lesley Smith: forgiveness
Kerri Sonnenberg: from tabulet
Miriam Stewart: Three Fragments
Kevin Thurston: works by Kevin Thurston
Susan Tichy: Weeping
Susan Tichy: The Sentence
Susan Tichy: from "Heath"
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 1
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 2
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 6
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 5
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 4
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 3
Chris Toll: End Times
Rodrigo Toscano: Die Wahrheit Ist Konkret
Sara Veglahn: Wicked
Sara Veglahn: Away
Ryan Walker: Psychology
Diane Ward: Naming the Baby
Terence Winch: from Lit from Below