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from Lit from Below

In Some Sunnier Past

The only leverage anyone has on the back

of the method vibrating in the sudden

sense of markdown is the basic approach:

It's solitude. They wasted their time.


What I'm doing now is calling each dealer

present to us as statues cut into triangles

to stick their hair to the doorways.

That sticks with you for a long time.


They took a sharp turn away from an

environment of split seconds of half time.



Easy Pieces

Full of raw emotion, from a holy person's body

with a procession, to our bodies sliding

around in the trunk, the crew whistled

most people we talk to don't have a clue


So much authority to offer a sacrifice

so once it happens, it doesn't unhappen

The now-surging world of this chaotic household

behind it, in front of it, trying to crack it


It doesn't take long for the keen desire to ache

after years of oppressive advances in song lyric locales



Small Piece of Outbreak

The laws are simple: murder is not

a crime, you can't refer to women

as "precious," and propaganda has been

deleted from the ten commandments

of nocturnal emission. All that's left are the tests,


which are impossible to pass. You must

choose between life with no sex or sex

with detestable people who smell of Christine.

Sometimes a piece of paper redolent of perfume

destroys every passing thought in the room.



Last Night in the Town House Tavern

In the pooltable room designed by Van Gogh

the accurate presentation of time, like an unspoiled landscape,

clusters at the other end of our long table.

We get the message: other people do not in fact

form any kind of "we" from which we grow funkier.


These old aunts and uncles, like so many on the go,

completely different when the whites in whiteface escape

from the status quo in whiteface in the white actress fable

discovering that whites are one blowback stacked on an artifact.

RT, the proprietor, gives us a tour. I get drunkier.