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2004 Anthology

Cathy Eisenhower: i: e.d. (from Crack)
Cathy Eisenhower: ii: w.w. (from Crack)
Michael Gottlieb : Inconvenient Affects
Michael Gottlieb : Writing Dust
Jefferson Hansen: Threads in the Ozone
Jefferson Hansen: Angels of Density
Jefferson Hansen: Santuerio
Rachel Levitsky: Recent Unrecorded Notes
Michael Scharf: from Model States
Jesse Seldess : Present Surround
Frank Sherlock: Elegy
Frank Sherlock: Smile
Frank Sherlock: Ace of Diamond Satellite
Brian Kim Stefans : A Poem for Tyros
Brian Kim Stefans : Howlings in Favor of Tulsa
Jacqueline Waters : from The Garden of Eden a College