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Recent Unrecorded Notes

October 13, 2003

At the DC reading Tina Darragh, who shows up now in all my books, talked about Heather's animal log, and I said, "Oh NEIGHBOR is a log," and she said, "yes, it is."

Right then in the bar, some others were talking about Manifesto and I said, "Oh, NEIGHBOR is a manifesto," and they said, "yes, it is."

Later talking with G in the car on the highway, said, "I think I will resolve the problem of the poetry by breaking it into lines," and G said, "yes, break into lines."

Listing the reading: Transcendentals, Rene Girard, Jane Jacobs -- to which Renee said, "What about The Making of Americans?" And I said "yes, The Making of Americans."

Course, remaining the issue of Time and timing, which is when do I respond to my neighbor as he is acting or as I am thinking or later when I have finally found the time to write. For example, I was on the phone with D when I heard the neighbor scream

Would You Please Turn Down Your Radio

And I thought it was the neighbor with whom I'd linked fingers in the bar but it was the other neighbor the one who is supposed to have left the gagged neighbor and her child. Or if he was kicked out. This issue of who leaves who being the one that is currently/kicking my ass/since I am the one/who is both fleeing and waiting, always fleeing and waiting. Of course he is the loud one/though it's hard to absorb. Remember, he is the one who worries about how his father/would have done it. He was yelling and he yelled again

Would You Please Turn Down The God Dammed Radio

D heard and liked the irony.


Then the issue of sentimentality if you think of this as a log. Or poetry if you think of it as manifesto. Then the problem of me talking to you, in this way.

I was surprised by the way my neighbor talked to me which was in fact sentimental and lacked irony and defeated much of what I've written about him so far.

He told me he was nervous about coming home with the new baby and wanted to tell me, his neighbor, about it, in the hopes of soliciting my love and support. Sincere neighbor.

As for the reading, it goes poorly.
I discover everyone acts as a discoverer.

A discoverer/
like an explorer/
not so much as a settler/
though they settle/and
by doing so/change
the neighbor.