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2007 Anthology

Rae Armantrout: OPERATIONS
Rae Armantrout: CONCENTRATE
Rae Armantrout: THE RACKET
Rae Armantrout: ADDRESS
Bill Berkson: She Hung Up
Bill Berkson: Salad Spinner
Bill Berkson: Regency
Miles Champion: Garage Door Opium System
Miles Champion: Providence
Buck Downs: massive passages
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 72: Nanifesto
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 60: Rebus
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 63: Dialogue of self and soul
Michael Friedman: Ten Prose Poems from Species
Jessica Grim: Pasture.1
Jessica Grim: Bay
Amy King: I Want Your War
Amy King: Yes, You
Amy King: Swollen With Sun
Sandra Miller: The Desert is My Animal.
Sandra Miller: A Good Scripting.
Sandra Miller: By Dint of Kilt.
Ron Padgett: From Dante
Miriam Stewart: Three Fragments
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 1
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 2
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 6
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 5
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 4
Ward Tietz: Slyfry 3
Terence Winch: This Feeling of Closeness
Terence Winch: Pay Me My Money Down
Terence Winch: Skeleton Crew
Terence Winch: Valentine
Terence Winch: Recoveries
Geoffrey Young: Heart of the Breath
Geoffrey Young: Poem
Geoffrey Young: Finally
Geoffrey Young: Ragtime
Geoffrey Young: Happy Boysenberry