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2005 Anthology

Charles Bernstein: Window's End
Anselm Berrigan: Free Cell
Christophe Casamassima: Sedici, Ulysses
Christophe Casamassima : Three Poems
Cathy Eisenhower: Usability touching.
Cathy Eisenhower: Softness of Persons Ahead.
Cathy Eisenhower: La Marseillaise
Thomas Evans: A Rise in Sets
Jeremy Gardner: An Introspection
Maia Gil'Adi: Philadelphia
Maia Gil'Adi: Holding Therapy
Maia Gil'Adi: Trio
Adam Good: Dear More Years
Daniel Gutstein: Automatic semisequenc
Daniel Gutstein: Worry
Daniel Gutstein: Runoff
Daniel Gutstein: Monsieur Pierre Est Mort
Brenda Iijima: At the Point
Lisa Jarnot: Double Husband Sonnet
Carol Mirakove: Sem: A World Without
K. Silem Mohammad: Ape Diet Parking Lot Effect
K. Silem Mohammad: Why Jesus Hates Architects
Mel Nichols: from Day Poems
Selah Saterstrom: early house
Selah Saterstrom: Take Care of Me
Justin Sirois: new states
Justin Sirois: fool proof
Rod Smith: WHAM-O
Kevin Thurston: works by Kevin Thurston
Sara Veglahn: Away
Sara Veglahn: Wicked
Diane Ward: Naming the Baby