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2000 Anthology

David Baratier: Estrella's Prophecies #2
David Baratier: Pimp Baseball
David Baratier: The fall of because
David Baratier: Borrowed
David Baratier: Estrella's Prophecies #1
Joseph Battaglia: from Variorum
Kyle Conner: from Ergo Program
CA Conrad: from FRANK
Tom Devaney: Bee Beard Sonnet
Tom Devaney: Forest of the Night
Tom Devaney: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jean Donnelly: from Anthem
Buck Downs: Poem
Marcella Durand: machine into water 5
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Sonnet for the New Year
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Resurrecting the Fly
Stephen J. Fitzpatrick: Lullaby
Greg Fuchs: The City
Ethan Fugate: In Habit
Ethan Fugate: An Argument, In
Valerie Hanson: versus
Valerie Hanson: and through water,
Adeena Karasick: A note on Dyssemia Sleaze
Susan Landers: Little Ray Talking
Susan Landers: What She Gives Herself
Hiram Larew: Hope
Hiram Larew: No I Can't
Gillian McCain: Chemistry
Gillian McCain: Shopping
Gillian McCain: Electricity
Gillian McCain: Autumn
Gillian McCain: Action
Lee Riley-Hammer: Poems November 15, 1999
Kaia Sand: The Amphitheater
Kaia Sand: Wedding Lyric
James Sherry: The Census of the Fishes
Lesley Smith: forgiveness
Susan Tichy: Weeping
Susan Tichy: The Sentence
Susan Tichy: from "Heath"