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What I Meant To Say Is This
The hand-made sign along the, along the. The hand-made wreaths along, along the emergency snow routes. The hand out, out the window. What? The diagnosis? Stutter-living. Ive never lived in a house with real shutters, no little house track-record not party line tow boat, no dismal showing at the, at the polls. Wait! yes there was a dismal showing at the polls. The hand-made sign is no, there is no such thing as partly-sunny, a partly-sunny funeral, the funeral service is accompanied by bagpipes (thats funny) by the usual, usual picket-lines. Back in time, there was time, but an hour and a half later? the doctor was/is dead. The doctor has died again. His wife called nine, called one, called one, called in the kids, called in sick, called shotgun. He had time to say, to sayIts nothing like this one hundred yards away.