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"Italian Imagination" (from Zombie Jet)

Because luminous. Come sit down at this table, wooden as a stage. Take my place and this embroidered pillow. Listen. The jewelled opera singer tells the tall air regrets instead of observing the oversized omens. Observe them: a moon with an organic throat, Buddha standing wearing pearls. Then vanish like the footprints of this fact: each year in Italy 12 million people experience devil trouble then consult the Yellow Pages. The magus arrives in a taxi with a leopard-skin interior. She knocks at the door using a tiny unmade bed. Her black trash bag is cool to the trust. Singing is involved here too, as well as a special slow way to carry a box. Would you care for some completion? Perhaps a splash of crescendo? Ancient ruins sit in traffic but were themselves once modern unpolluted fascinations, stagnant ones. How marvelous Italy looks on a map, perceptible even to the geographically leaden and satellites." 

Formerly fascist. A fistful of death. Florence. Flowers of the Renaissance garden distilled as the site of costume porn. She drops her bouquet; he picks it up then he does then she does. A porn star parliamentarian fighting a custody battle. Land of battles and unimpeachable boots. The syrup sipped until the rocky world caught up to Galileo. Guiseppe Verdi means Joe Green. I bring him home for french fries, beer, and barbecued ribs. Tell him this is how my family celebrates--condensed."

Gina Lollobrigida. Obscured by vegetation. My customers are birds who eat popcorn in the theater of my garden then fly to other venues. Buon giorno, birds. Then, caio! The birds defined by cathedrals are also welcome, but I have no bells with which to lure them. I don't know the lures of heaven. Endlessness makes me nervous. I try to recall the best Catholic plan. An urge to visit Rome as barometer for the devout? Maybe you think otherwise. Such as: science in a farmer's field sneaks up on everyone then changes the entire world. As in a headline. But look at it through this lovely panel of lace. Have some wine and olives. Physical principles are involved here in the spiritual. Take your shoes off and walk toward what is most essential."