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What She Gives Herself

She thinks about where to begin, beginnings being like that except once begun. To get out of this dark hall. A beginning is a frame of reference. To drink from a bottle. The head on her shoulders is a good one. She is seven and tired of being useful. To get out of this dark hall. She is two people. Today she isn't Ada. Today she isn't Mabel. When she is two people, she looses sight of her feet. To drink from a bottle. When the race is over, the exact shape doesn't matter. A horse is a horse. If Ada were inside, she'd knock on the door if there were a door between them. She is pleased to be in a conversation with Mabel. How is there meaning when there is no meaning in it? She signs the confession without leaving a mark. The words don't fit her. She thinks she could save the world a lot of trouble if she had more fits.