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       to which
Reaggravated walrus searchlights were added

The bursting nurses gently culled a wad
& called the inert gases measuring flux &
with a stick-on vinyl platform pissed
the memory stick-- a POTENT obese teen
pharmaceutical company phobia
goads my purchase college, greens
the um, did you mean the bursting
nurses gently pulled . . .
o unclasping gentle nurse -- smeary
drones floating gently by -- I'm
a-casual and slack on brooding
nougat problems. I mean Ty Ty's chick
in the picture can fix star-struck
toads, you dig?

A nurse had written "I am Sam;
Sam I am" & for some reason
Oprah's fans are really pissed.
& wasteful. & pissed. TV squad
Hope Tango Tower nursing
the bursting wolverine head action
figures, their x-men ass-signage
gulo gulo throw-up off the statue
of the liberty of mohawked Oprah
pissing on her pissed fans
& gorgeous Doctor Gorgeous,
a high quality clip, really.
A Busfish. Oxygen or pee
with that? He the just the
wandered the off the
using the nothing the but
the strength the of the will the.

This poem appears in the 2005 Anthology
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