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Before rain, before rain lacquered

the slick trunk of the sycamore,

before rain glossed the cold grass

behind the forsythia, before it doubled

the owl hunch, crow bank,

butsy sparrow, before it doubled

dusk and lamp, before rain tamped

the anger it kindled the ache,

before rain halved the visible

it spirited the late harsh, before rain,

before rain bled the edge there were

crosswords, coffee mug, slippers,

the window up, the radio off,

the radio off, the window down,

there were backhoe scooped slabs,

trash truck hydraulics, dump truck’s

throaty idle, before it got up a rain

it got up a smooth runoff,

soil-soothe drip and bluster affair,

got up a glister puddle, pock

and glisten, before it gets up a rain

let cloud knot, let cloud knuckle,

before rain dissipates lash,

brow, lid, before rain dissipates

coat, button, blouse, before rain

dissipates the waiting.