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An Introspection

My complexion could be lighter My complexion could be less dark I could be more cauc asian I could be more caucasian My complexion could be more tan I could be tanner My hips could be more compact My tendency is to speak more colloquial My tendency is to speak more quotidian I could be nicer I could drink less I could eat less I should eat-My complexion could be more acceptable and less blotchy My complexion could be sore My complexion could be blemishless I should drink more water That could be why I am so parched I am thirsty I am all like quick-and-easy My tendency is not to eat as healthy as I could Americans tell me I am fat it is that simple My tendency is to eat too much bread and too much pasta too much carbs saturated worse than unsaturated hydrogenated oils are dangerous because they are injected with adipose Americans tell me that The FDA tells me that drugs are bad War tells me that itself is bad I need to be proactive If I was proactive then war would stop Perfectionism is my only hobby Americans tell me that perfection is numbers in a bank Americans locked me in a bank Inside the bank there sensors and fees and numbers get added Americans tell me that banks are important and fees are minimal and interest rates are so small that percentages diminish Americans tell me that my resum&eactute; is my livelihood My complexion is that I am too fat Mirrors tell me that I am too fat That right there tells me that I do not eat enough fruits and vegetables I must eat more fruits and vegetables I would be perfect if I ate twelve small meals a day mostly protein because that turns into muscle and not fat I have to start getting back to the gym-Muscle turns into fat if it is unused Axons and dendrites control my perfectionism carbs Christ more carbs Jesus Christ I have to stop eating carbs Death tells me that death is bad Death happens to lots of foreign countries Americans tell me that terrorism is after me Terrorism is after my complexion Terrorism is trying to darken my complexion My tendency is to speak more colloquial I cannot learn other languages Both terrorism and dialect are making me speak more colloquial Americans tell me that I am not enough I know this when cars honk When I am looking for fresh air cars honk And then cars honk at terrorism Shiny cars honk Americans tell me that shiny is better than tarnished and to buy is better than to buy is better than to buy is better than to buy is better than bought-Americans tell me if I had V than I would be slimmer Victory is what everything is all about Fighting is what everything is all about If the terrorists attack then we have to fight back because that is what Americans tell me There is bravado involved-Unfortunately-Unfortunately-Unfortunately-Unfortunately my tendency is to be where I'm from and to think like where I'm from because that's what America tells me everyday because that's where I'm from I don't have time for this I don't have time-My tendency is to speak less informed because every time I learn something I forget something that was formed prior to my learning This is a tricky subject to say the least This is mostly about Victory Ingredients labels tell me that percentages are scary and the reason percentages are scary is because lead is in the water was in paint is in the water and hurts my skull That is my most cranial problem Americans tell me if I take pills my cranial problems will go away but I'm skeptical-I don't think my cranial problems will ever go away because they never went away for anyone else I have large optic nerves and that is why I'm developing glaucoma because most eyes are 40% open space, 60% circumferential nerves but my eyes are 80% open space and 20% nerves so that means my nerves are decreasing every day I'm by no means sad but usually America tells me that I am and that pills will make my sad go away but whenever I take pills I don't really take them I just let them rest underneath my tongue until the sad goes away-If my nerves finally stop blinking to each other my complexion will get darker- My tendency is to look & look & look look look for V & keep looking for V and found-