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Automatic semisequenc

Anger collects in the jaw

and when anger collects in the jaw, again.

Leaves and walkers blow like leaves

into the dusty intersection.

An autumn or a knockdown

or the resting rate of disorientation.

The car choke,

the car choke,

the car fizzle.

Busses and trucks,

vans and trucks, and cars.

Windows atwirl with shape

in advance of a low pattern.

If the cubes of rooftop,

if the spire sparred,

if the calm tower.

To seek a mirror within the intention,

to express likeness within a discard,

to duplicate.

A city is a carnival

as is a fascination and a violent impulse.

A city is a violent impulse

while a fascination may reveal

layers of imperfect decay.

When anger collects in the jaw, again.

Sewers and flags overflowing

with water and wind.

Perhaps a bird flickers

or maybe the outline of an old afternoon.

Shape, how it climbs

the sides of buildings.