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from Day Poems


I miss the ladders of shaped like

consonants or solid and

leaning on small reddish

fruits of hawthorn

just one line

vowels of breaking

gnarled like


not even a little window postcard

only an internet lurker

covered in broken glass

in unheated hollows

edging into maybe I prefer

the blackness of sleep

if I could find it

staggering sun

what do you know

of surface

I thought time

could do better

than random


to the shadows

they know the

significance of

physical presence


there was

just a brush of skin in the dark that made life


shadow of the pencil

on the desk below

handless hanging

off the book

I am completely blank now

the quiver of winter

blossoms for the un-snowing





white bird into fire

say it again

slowly         on the

ceiling    so differently

window revealing

flowers and bareness   

charley horse    errata     white

slips flying into fuchsia

sustaining lemons

of hyperbolic influence





of turning     morning        folding         narrow light       

blue bright pink and flood and bird and not         keep-

ing    being    whispers in the        tide          and house   

flowers        counting    in the rain     to get         a

city of            the        in     the rain again

rain again rain again         a not        sky        

a whether    it is there     or    tangled in

pale time     for nothing