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Dear More Years
                                                            choose your own ad nausea campaign add
campaign to the equation add venture to the capital  mastery of form and content
produced a stunning popular brew    of technical know-how        and general fuck-it
to the next      level your gaze      to the ground       breaking uncertainty         futures
          markets            looking strong ironic               values,      yes we can you know
what sucks the slush   puppy  funds     this engine may contain demographic
violence and extreme  adult content   -ment          cute puppies almost non-existent
from the right     angle less       talk more walking doesn't even     come close     to the
starting      line seamless or seemless   integration          of the dramatic     frame can
fall to shit for all   I know I care      about literally        more americans watching   moral
kung-fu equivalent       and feeling good as judgment survey says   stay the coarse
roulette         rut instinct I love           the suits waving hands    and perky   half jokes
the right     pain            relief is      trusted by millions hanging              in the balance or
cut         to commercial information can change        depending on         the information
This poem appears in the 2005 Anthology
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