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at the political
consciousness exhibition
a blameless
infected by petty
blown about
weasel ideology
or some upper-echelon
America loves you or England
Billy Bob Thorntonodious, tiresome, obnoxious
critiquing of your review of
bullshit propaganda
well, Fuck you, Bartender
Wait, how the fuck old are you?
How do you sleep at night? What?
Fuck the Carter Administration
you fucking bucket of bolts
Robots wash my car for me
doofus  What?  YES THEY DO
I don't make this shit up
to 'light up my life'
The reason I bring this up is
Shut the fuck up
Here's to experiences revolving around food bringing you up
you fucking choke
You know it's about friends, wow
You are one fucked up piece of shit

And man, if you haven't seen muppets fucking
yet then you need to get out more
This poem appears in the 2005 Anthology
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