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[turning 15 before the Stones finished recording Let It Bleed] (from California Ruins the End)
[turning 15 before the Stones finished recording Let It Bleed] Quite an easy negotiation when Thursday came to pass, actually. It was. The first recovered at his favorite pizza parlor where the owner hates him. Drawn to an explicit difference; spelling behind closed doors. But, we are not gathered to look back at the lighting, floral arrangements or other timely mistakes. Many say we've never gotten together. Should the third, a stripper, have a bag, it is inflammatory. The dream where everything is as one. The color gray as opposed to the way a bunch of grass conspire to become a lawn. I haven't forgotten the second and the fourth, but that's so-called white stuff. Within five years is agreed to be acceptable, accompanied by sharp sighs all around. Yes, abuses will come later. Yes, believable counts come later. Yes, children and the homeless came later. And yes, I made the whole pizza parlor up as if it never existed. You, on the other hand. You -- young man -- are going to pick up rocks until you have enough to build your own. Frightened many times and people think they've lost you. The funny guy, before the first, realized there was employment to be had out there and he left. Suzie got married. I should have known we'd never get far standing on your mother's porch.