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The Earth is a Drama Queen / or King

O Earth! you always get what ever you want.
When I'm getting ready for a picnic
and Stuart has made his mouth-watering
potato salad with homemade mayonnaise
and Cindy has brought chips and salsa
even though she's a woman and
Simon has brought kosher not-dogs
and Stanley once again has forgotten
to bring anything even though he stopped
at the 7-11 on the way with the best
of intentions only to forget them once inside
and buy a Butterfinger for himself and
Sarah has brought a
hot dish made with French onions and
tater tots and Sidney has brought t-bones
and Sophie hamburgers and Sam of course
had to bring 100% whole wheat buns
and Seymour brought nothing but the
clothes on his back and that winning
grin that gets him in anywhere and
makes us all forgive any trespasses
and Simone has brought marshmallows
and Hershey's bars and graham crackers
for you-know-what and Sophia has brought
a truly subtle Ceasar salad (homemade
dressing and croutons of course)
and Salome has brought pictures of
a trip to a nude beach (can-you- believe-it)
and Serena brought cole slaw to
go with her matching outfit and Sandy
brought his one and only made-from-scratch
veggie burgers and Stanley brought
nothing but a wrench (I-kid-you-not)

you, Earth, pop thunder and begin to
rain buckets and dogs and I must
fold my six feet eight inches into
the back of my Subaru and shake
my fists at the ceiling saying
"Earth, you are tumultuous and great
give me and my friends a break"
but you rain and rain and pop and pop
despite my pleas and I am reduced
to one sorry-ass six foot eight incher.