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[will come in] (from California Ruins the End
[will come in] not ready. Only the oldest technologies were used to create this. Once a declared possibility always a can start work on numbered durations. Anticipated details, taking readings: dreamy spins of later inventions, the waiting. What career? That has come to be. As if a piece of the boulder moved back to higher elevation. People you know have gone and will go about this through entirely less success. Don't speak; pint-sized pints are proper. Unusual measurements once defined us, but become induction to a storied club walking within. Breath. Tastefully framed: solar panels on what may be a split-level ranch; the sponge sitting on someone's carpet; a partially opened box of baking soda in less descript settings. Seems every day since will be exfoliated for a while. You would feel months off as if most things should be growing too, but it's days accelerating. Christ, at this rate we'll be gaining an hour while we spend, spend by the mouthful. Nothing is mine: maybe not even thinking to not be thinking of you. And having been one to appreciate a blind hand, it is like yellow chose us. The breathing is a suger pill and then elsewhere everything and then whatever, we've moved on: Watch this tube become more than a factory. Take it back about the pints. Not there yet; not set.