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Angels of Density

I am invaded by angels of density

my heart propulsive as a cherubim
bumping and grinding the blood
to an off-kilter R & B beat
chuckling about the confused dancers

my liver grouchy as a seraphim
grumbling through the weeks that
"gravity ought never have pulled downward"
and looking up only to cuss the sun

my kidneys as stinky as thrones
who sit around smoking cigars
all day and night too slothful
to bathe loving their sickly sweet smell

my bladder as irregular as dominions
who hit the bass drum in the marching
band when the mood strikes them
irrespective of time or direction

my brain as unpredictable as virtues
insisting on Tuesday that 4 is 5
and on Thursday that 5 is sometimes 5
while being as correct as a weatherman

my lungs as vacuous as powers
sucking in vast quantities of air
effortlessly and holding them there
for looking puffed and giant

my skin as superficial as principalities
noting the day and time of all events
in a cheery manner whether they be of
state or of marriage -- all is the same

my stomach as rumbly as archangels
trying to intimidate people with their
thunder yet those in the know are aware
they have less power than Oz

my intestines as upset as an angel
on first learning the wing bit is all for show
and they can fly only as well as a knot of granite
cries of horror and outrage fill the canyon

ah, I would give anything to always enjoy
the dereliction of the angels of density