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A Poem for Tyros

argue with,
art binary breakdown
-- but enough to derail,
-- but I'm in a rush.

come into play,
comes out of his/her mouth,
concentration on the words on the table.

Consider my very private
constant movement,
Debord --
I am the system,
I can't say
I am not,
if only slightly.

I walk into a room.
I would do it in improvised locations.
I'll spare the examples.
I've wanted to create a paragraph
walking a lobster
walking into a room.
It's not that I'm uncomfortable
meeting people
perhaps at odd moments of the month and week,
perhaps on purpose.

of the bureaucratic --
of written text into the real-time
"on schedule,"
one among many.
Perhaps dictator is better?
Perhaps a series of paragraphs?

The bodily/abstract (
The public/private (
The troubles,
The written stuff
- there is a page of wasted prose.
There is no exact.

what else happens at a reading?
When the time seems right (

You become the "boy," and those who have nurtured private opinions of your
          essential servility suddenly come forth with demands --
through thick or thin,
to be gazed at as a single artwork --
not to mention potentially transform thinking in fashions that writing itself could
          not alone do --
they are just demands --
they are mostly petty,
(think of Bourdieu)
which is to say that the most loyal curators will never be taken too seriously as

A "gentleman," but really a slave) --
a certain looseness,
as did the behavior of Rimbaud,
as he/she does,
a poet's actions in public (
a series hanging in space at the same time.

Can one say "being" of the work that you have produced,
-- determined warrior-poet who has attempted to inflict on me the natural
          aspect of the superiority of his views but who has not
become part of the record? --
becomes animated for me?
And when they have just produced some tremendous work that I am sure will
          change everything,
even organizing,
even the use of proper names,
ever so slightly,
for instance,
for the possible in what,
for what,
for whom decisions have a sort of finality --
I somehow think this is all meaningful.

I think it is discussing this particular strand of my behavior
-- I try to shave at least in the week prior to the reading --
I have just completed a two-month run as the "curator,"
-- even approached mastery of the social rules such that such a challenge could
          even be humored past the first move,
in fact.

And if it weren't so much work --
and only with poets I am most excited about --
and quite alone --
and so for that reason I will "curate" only infrequently.

quasi-elitist self-training as a poet
-- setting the parameters,
since it is then,
so much more revealing in my writing,
syntax even --
talker --
that a particular aspect of poetry
that begin with this sentence
that is lacking in the creation of a "schedule"
not to mention my own social distractions
of cultural capital
will be my expression of revolutionary will,

All of the vicissitudes (
and I promised to myself that spontaneity,
accidentally or purposely ignore,
actually enjoy the microphone,
inchoate as it seems.
including reviewer,
issues of mutual respect,
-- it is the French who have most theorized how the agent in the field
invariably makes an impression on Nerval's works (
playing in a super-literary fashion invariably changes not only what has been

but the trap of filling a role --

But then I am reminded that this form of politics smacks.
But what is to be written?
by chance (

These run up against these more fluid inclinations of mine,
(this is a key word here)
this visibility is good --
though I have sought to master it by pulling some of the strings --
-- that you take orders ,
-- that you are perfectly polite (
the "iron hot," if that doesn't sound ridiculous.

And I would have thought I'd have gone out of my way to avoid the "public" as
          much as possible,
and though I have no terribly urgent thoughts on the matter,
how many idiotic challenges have I faced from a headstrong
I am not just in the system.
I am political just when I said that being political is the natural next step past being an

In which I can most suitably begin a sentence:
"Three-dimensional world are often thwarted by a haughty attitude toward the
rules themselves...

To read in private --
whom I might chance to meet?
More so now than in the headier days of life/
that which one is intended.

That you behave in fashions that suit your role?
These opportunities for continuing the discourse --
(why can't I spell that?)
agreed-upon term for this role in the poetry community --
but it doesn't have the prestige of that figure in the visual arts.
But it somehow becomes a determinant in the reception.