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          a village turns and turns again

   what is the degree of our lost

                   molly wonders how it is that things turn our way

                                grinding down

       let's just say

we are outside the edge of a shimmer

          what is or is not what it needs to be for us

   what is shimmering

          will the village be empty, a ghost town

                    &nbspwho tells the stories and why

              indeed, maybe

       this will go on with some insistence

the village was green and is now orange

      seeing is slightly computerized


              too many people want assurance

    birds are slightly forgetful

                         where will we lodge the lodge

             in the village, a few ashen people pad about
             in the middle is what seems an abandoned oil derrick
             rusted and dissembling
             even the air is oil
             we pass the diner and walk on
             hungry and desiring the exterior



tap tap tap      tap tap tap      tap tap tap      tap tap tap


      bower       instantiate meditate         bog nitrogen
           abacus     integer            blossom       distill     turtledove
purvey               cyclamen      regulate            overcome                jewel
                inculcate     Rhine   mine       line            pine               pigpen
        substantiate              fulfill           plum      sepulchre              vermin
    leveler          chlorophyl      yellowbill    dollar bill                oxygen
 razorbill            gardener          grill   drill     become    radiate               hocus
        bounteous                       pocus   ghoul          focus   mewl
             chrysanthemum           forager              mate              scrivener        harnesser
           shower           flower    plower                mutate
           slate               Maypole                   will      control           developer
   toadstool         renewal           provender     aquifer          cocklebur
           pill    cogitate          fen           consign         convey        stamen   survey
          spate             date     measure        pleasure
                 enscroll           pillager          define             wine                fate
         instill           chirp               foxglove               predate            role
      manage           chirp       feline         fishline       porcupine         clinch
            tower          refine   pistil   chirp        patrol          confine          align
      canine     finch                whereof     dog                    chirp            assign
  divine              bovine        ruler          clog                fog      cog        chirp
  pinch       lynch                     artificer      chirp          hyacinthine
             hog                jog   chirp             log   Frankenstein     design
    chirp   discerp usurp                dove     thereof





tinkle     tinkle-tinkle-tinklee-tee     tinkle-tinkle-tinklee-tee    tinkle


plane engines sound like gravel and clouds bank into a high Midwestern wall
we wait for the thunder
planes continue to fly far above pilots ordering seat belts on
birds go silent
engines buzz and buzz, cars under the planes droning by in damp air
a gravel buzz
granite clouds
a lost dog scurries about the street, running across it and
across it again, following its betraying nose
flowers droop and engines drone and buzz
a rattled, disabled squirrel bounces sideways across a yard, it's back curved
clouds fold and bundle
a plane's engine rumbles into the heavy calm
heavy calm
cool air slashes into the humidity
many directions
sun slashes through a gap in layers of clouds
a few big drops fall
engines drone and buzz
winds rise and rise clouds wisp out and dissolve
planes appear again with their sound
billowy clouds and cool wind



fffffffffffff      ffffffffffff      ffffffffffffffff      ffffffffffffaaaaayyyy



                                                dam begins
impound                        Yangtze

           will become islands       if eco-
logical results           similar
                                         outcome will dev-
astate diversity              species
                                185 meters tall

                                dam's reservoir

           ecological effects
mates                       an ecologist

than West Virginia
                                100 new islands

          adjust             losses      frag-
mentation of habitat

increasing competition



                    shrinkage       habitats
          population crash
inate             disperse

                                         great oppor-
tunity to        study                  habitat frag-





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