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Two Given Quantities
what rises must diverge
                           verge     inclined, reclining
an infinite series with complex terms begins

1.  vertical escapement
0.  point beyond which

"rules" of "normal" "break"
I can't find my n
            emerging, progressing

converging not bounded
limitation essential to analysis
1                                      0
spindle of a balance wheel
               in a clock or watch
avoids the negative
power series
most important
limit        rod, strip        1, 0
property of exponent function is functional equation
             expound           power               D/s       f(x)
                            lay open, expose to view       I
more fully to me
intricacies of this position
integral inverted to function
                                        functions which recur

convergence of complex sequences
                                          null sequence tends to 0
              as n heeds infinity, stretches    ironing the perineum

convergence of series reduced
I am my brother