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hanging out about each other
advising box pairs of shoes.
you look great! thanks no
I don't. thanks, you do too. thanks,
I like your shirt. thanks. am I sitting
too close? I'm not used to being spoken too.

an interest in naked instead
of film, living alone with a dog/cat/bird,
new to town and looking for just
a regular body.

sneeze. produce accidental trajectory
and now my mother is placing
classified ads for me.

we talk and buy flowers, we've never gotten flowers before and this is a sign of understanding, I can't get a girl by touching and can't get a lady unless I'm a thug so one night we threw golf clubs and a bust of William Burroughs and the neighbors came over and watched us scream over dinner, applauding and cheering at particularly good comebacks or bone snaps, slurping noodles. Afterwards everyone groveled.

at the party having
just been dumped so I become a chaplain
or starve myself thinking of
the relationship between heavy metal
and those who wear it I'd like
to marry a middle aged
defense contractor.

alternatives to burning myself or
hitting my knee with a hammer
or smoking too much over eating
drinking too much over
exercising over working so on so forth

white square hallways always dingy
with smooth missile coating the closer
I get I can only speak of velocity and
admire the mushroom clouds. in case of
fire break this wall with this axe, but I'm
angry and out of shape from walking
in squares, directions to turn and watch
for the colors or numbers all painted over
I think that's the difference between men
and women. I notice most people are like me.

can't get a date too ugly scared of pigeons ahh

I wonder when did I get so retarded?

How did I end up in a large green winter jacket with no shoes or pants?

so one day I'll get a boob job and then everything will be better.

to go to a strip club or I was a virgin and wanted    open-minded strippers    it's hard to make money in internet porn there is fierce competition    who hasn't considered getting naked for money    I have but I won't    my wife left me when she found out I was posing nude for pictures    she left and if it was my daughter I'd buy her a gym membership and find another club to go to.

I thought I'd woo her in the great Hispanic tradition of mariachi bands and sunlight and innocence and all that stuff I like. I like mother mary.

I fantasize about being pegged in the back of a truck or a candle-lit room. I fantasize about a pale thin boyfriend who hates me.