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Die Wahrheit Ist Konkret

the waiter,
had till that time engaged us only on a rather cursory level of
what do you (two) do
and this in an exceedingly tranquil manner
and it was done repeatedly
and was always forgotten, and so was asked over and over
and over, to the point of exhaustion which, for him, turned out to be the freshest of
vantage points from which
to launch -
                      he went

                            Falun Gong

                  on our ass


right there, right before us leaving The Bay Area

"master Li" said he, "thinking of what I'm thinking about
-- right now -- but
on another time-plane...many universes...happening
our body... is change
I'm never so ha' ha' happy"

trembling now -- agitated as he was, a tumescence that was -- is, unmistakably, programmatic, and
after clearing away our salty Spinach Soup, "Hillary C, (as in the upper case letter C) you going
to vote for when you get there right?"

I miss that damn restaurant mainly for its Vegetarian Beef with Black Bean Sauce with those
big ol' (unapologetic) Onions
picking up a copy of the People's Daily World from a nearby vending machine on the way there
nibbling on it before ordering, which had some needed morsels of nutrition (reports of goings-on)
but was for the most part devoid of any viewpoint or analysis that used or even approached as its
axis-of-intervention the principal of

                l'emancipitacíon de travailleurs será l'oeuvre des travailleurs eux-mêmes

said here in French so as to annoy English, so as to broach it in the original German, spiking it (if
I could've, better then, than now) in Mandarin, Spanish being reserved for this more localized
determining instance of -- rebuke -- you know who you -- intimidator of immigrant waiters,
re: ALIGNMENT: se ve -- se siente? o es, simplemente?


many universes
other time-planes

                                             is changed
                                                           the body?


the stalinoid CCP
goes around arresting people for even having publicly done the
"centering" mind-body excorcises, however impartially performed


many of the Top Cats (black, white, or checkered) of the "FG"
      are well ensconced in the RS, Railway Secretariat (or industry)
      as well as some in the MS, Mining Secretariat (or industry)

they are not well --

though the light manufacturing (independent-union crushing) Tiggers in the SEZ's
are quite well --


good (bad) cadres
bad (good) cadres


Mon, why seestu love and herte
On worldes blisse that nout ne last?

Thu lickest huny of thorne, iwiss,
That seest thy love on worldes bliss
For full of biterness it is