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Percent humanitarian

                                   [hmm FLATTER



                                   "what a glorious


                                   that [hmm







                                   and whose well

            and whose swell
to do


Rudy's house [square feet] Rudy



                        "beds are for sleeping streets are for


            CLICK (as in pistol cock)


"listen ahngonna be honest wichu

                        [another translation from the ffff-










The vestibule...]   Evictions not notably e-labor's


Omit888Affinity      sector


techno-nationalist hubris of nouveau entrenpreneurial

                           [per (beepbeep)


a peer (apparel?) appears









Headlong into the micro-swamp of what who didn't intend



which Seattle?





Not is that Not a Not that Not is is that a real question?


                                           "I          mean        for
                                           the        sake         of




                                           doesn't                  it
                                           make               sense"


that planned obsolescence drop dot.coms on transatlantically liquidated infrastructures


that hyper-tiered indies jostle for globs of managerial diffusion to wield over perma-temps





Megahertz sprinkle the dawn--script

Funnels acute to one quadrant







(World Hunger Year)


            attack888root cause of 888hung888er by pro-mo888ing self








one quarter of one day fer sleeping, one third of one day fer working, one quarter of one quarter of one day fer commuting, one eighth of one third of one day fer cooking, one twelfth of one quarter
of one day fer fucking, then set    avoid    minimize    manage    conquer    plan





                                           Tig o' Bitties

                                   fer yr couplin wit

                                                                                 DAY MIND


                                           covered by

                                                                                 NEWS MAW



                                           look like888this: