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The Heck of It (Art's Sake)
-Previously published in Whalelane-

Lagrange and Analytical Dynamics

We are concerned with freedom.liberté
Equations                                                      egalité
for motion / systems with freedom
depend no diagrams
explicitly (on time)           the string pulled
                                            corset laces
                                            at the support, the bob
in the plane, in the fields, the work is done
in the pulling of the string
                                          lead, leash
is unraveling                                                    liberté
the plot.  Boy meets bow.

Frozen arrow.

Rolling on a field            green grow the rashes, O
non integrable                propagation / of sound in air
             Boy looses girl.                egalité

Three body problem.                                Secret, classified.
This work                                                    The text was military.
work has aesthetic beauty                       Two masses attract.
        method and result                             The triangle is stable.
        x                                                             Explicit solution.

The revolution of weight.
The length of the pendulum beating seconds.
The revolution
of measure.