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Two Degrees of Freedom
Normal Modes of Vibration

A pendulum's operation's chaotic.
A body hangs from a fixed point, pendant; her earrings as she steps back, following,
            following during the dance as she spins, draws out, pulls; the necklace
            pendant between her breasts, not freely under combined forces regulating
See oscillation, swing.  See electricity, current, spark.  
See the motion of the moon so like the sun's shaking

In the Museum of Science and Industry, the giant pendulum ticks ivory dominoes,
            ebony dominos encircling its path over the floor:  forget butterflies, forget
            stocks.  We've astrology.  
The clock underestimates time:  bob, wheel, pearl, river.

Forced Modes

Alternating voltage, turning movement or gait; she moves sideways about the center
            or lead, leaps, avoids a thrust.
See electromotive, charge, action, rolling, roiling, turning about; she rolls, tests and
            turns, and changes, changes her mind, clothes, approach, changeable,
            winsome, fetching, twined, her rings, bracelets, bangles, baubles, belts like

Warm up band width.
Unless initial conditions interest,
complex impudence substitutes,
substituting harmonic forms.

Don't hold back.