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Not Enough Light

Let me tell you of the heavy gloss
and the density of that first paper:

Remember:  two women on a bench,
how the shadows fall across
their necks and the weightless black
behind their legs.  See how
the younger one is holding
a picture, her knuckles as white
as this paper beneath her face.

The picture of the boy is overexposed
in his thick wooden frame;  his face
too large for these black points
to erase, too stiff to disappear when we
look away.
            Must we go past this;
hold the camera, feel its click
and shudder, watch her blink?

Then it is just one more step, she says.
Come inside this heavy frame;  touch
his cold cheek, so I can tell you his name.


The sides of the box and the opening in the front
will be tightly covered with black tulle.

Inside the box, in the bottom right hand corner
a small green light bulb will be illuminated.

The poem will be mounted in the upper left corner.

Unless the reader is able to strain his neck
and press forward against the black tulle
of the front opening
the poem will not be visible.


The box for "Not Enough Light"

All of the sides are open. The corners, again, are made from pine. The box should be mounted on the wall so that the front opening is approximately eye level. The size of the box will depend upon the size of the reader.


                 Here is where the poem will go.