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paradigm as semi-fossilized ideology

ampersanding through the philacrowd
deafened in significance    inimitable indeed I say
radar    nylon    spraypaint     concrete     scoff
an army of police straddling their canondales

    inappropriate appropriation rivalry
    swivel-lipping mythical fixity
    history as paranthetical microsnippet
    for crinkled panacea    for platinum philander

the switch was then switched
primordial bone socket & dreadlock smoke
pulse of energy    river of wind
gutteral deluge    livid rapidity

the rose opened like a burning book
graceful & throaty    she was    thickened & vitrified
she was     & then shattered on the shards of before
rampant    evasive    couth    drivelblizzard

    it was confusing & complicated
    & all other shades of understanding
    like arthur cravan turtling in the ring
    like    general    generalize    lies

    seamless    brazen    canticle    plateau
    extolling the less romantic forms of banditry
    paradigm as semi-fossilized ideology
    however    nonetheless    seemingly    but