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Ernesto Zedillo and Janet the Galaxy Girl Quibble Historicity

like a flood of liquidity he turned x-rays inside out
like t-shirts like almond eyes, lips salted like a
margarita glass like hijos de puta screaming like
smelling salts like Ernesto Zedillo smuggling food
across the border and into the Yale library like eyes
now round squirming like lollipops in a fishbowl
swimming like a stone, like a stone swimming.       a
llama flailing like a semaphore levitating like sputnik
up up and up like InterPlanet Janet the Galaxy Girl
the white girl of freedom & truth. Janet slaps Ernesto
on the hand with a tisktisk and says Damn you
Ernesto! Walk the proud land my friend
. [like wizardry
of the worst order. like the most credible edible
cellophane moon wrapped in a red label.] C�llate,
InterPlanet Janet
, he said like a prodigal sprocket
spinning notorious quandaries like eyes wide open
but closed. You don't know what it's like.