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from Litmus Redact


for Dee Morris and the memory of Louis

All the accessories speak of hospitality and bounty

"I have known a man who loved sponges" - I have nothing to report

Just ask for microbe shock

Topic toppings to choose from which to chew lubriciously - the remainder never interferes

Except to interrupt our laughter - and it's instantly forgotten

Tones asphyxiated - dross and lips cross - two smiles on them

But taken separately all coursing commonly of course

Curses curses Monday in the working world and mordant bourses

But the budding substantivist is always just bud

And some names for AP correspondents might be

Questioning follows

A grammar prosthetized across the road because he was stapled to a cop

Sometimes the trouble is more lovable than the double it comes with

The early to rise are the first to languish and the first to fall will be bipedal

Fallow sequestering

This is serenity - an invitation to hypothetical space - a trauma

This is ritual politics - for once

I find the nostalgia inherent to protest songs repulsive but I don't stop singing

Hi, you. We are distrophying together this whole march of reason thing

It is Monday and we aller retour

A significant ripple in certain circles

Purples - darkens - and deposits itself

And pockets

It is always so with events of the flesh

Turning up like a spout and falling over on the ferocity of determinate metabolism

That I cannot predict the evidence presents itself

It turns out all over again as when we say "fleshing it out" - to evoke another manner of
           saying - ideation

If it weren't for my irreverent detachment I would be less neighborly

At the risk of seconding an exhausted motif - assimilative paralysis

Forgive deeds - for they can only be momentarily lucid

Why is that not what's the matter?

A roomfull of knees staring up at me through jeans

My efforts at infrastructure are rewarded with posh speculative jargon

Scent the room with cigarettes - there's nothing to be sorry for

The city itself is not capable of civic awares

A sort of middle see - or harmonic underlay I call beautiful (so celebrate it)

My genital hypocrisy is your petty fidget engine

We brains and brawn tout a fait and still we litmus redact - loss sophisticates

The meanwell signatories give and take in solidarity

The cosmopolis and the sociusettes live in concert

With customary self-satisfaction the ineffable is everything it cracks up to be

And cart off the copulates

I burn with jealousy to petition your blessings

Anyone else would have been humiliated, moreso than I, which humiliates me

What is in gain a routine enabling paradox in loss is a lavish stupidity

Such is our entitlement to loss

Chalky drizzle - my erotic proclivities elaborate the commodity form and automatically
           for lineal arrangements

Today is the first day of the rest of my disquiet and so be it

So show the bone bafoon and sup a little closer

And its announcing my voice - I worship your permission - we will build an empire out








Things get strangely downright

Learner burnishes phenomenologically

Feeling salient or just glad to see me

My metanarrative is your big bamboozle

Payola where the weather fits me and my faux hobo placation fetches

But this isn't a quilt it's a co-op

It spools down and dislodges

From an even darker bargain

Class taboo - the best way to be rid of those that oppress you

Is to accommodate them elsewhere

The neutron dance must be very dull indeed being the in-

Active component of the atom she said what

Were the Pointer Sisters thinking

Keep them scars clean lest them itches persist

A thousand shouting faucets shouting, "faucets!"

When we let others want the best for us we lost a sock in the vraisemblance

I may inhabit my meal - fully proctored - with time these things come to seem timeless

Save me from my self and toss the rest - best to have it out with my merrier more

Griping into tradewinds, the revolving head shouts, "o.k."

The blithe menace or house guest goes from you a story

Some turnabout demiurge is friendly with the nothing

"How's Joe's molar?"

"It should be noted that politics here is not meant to include internal union politics"

The song of songs is rigged

We ardor you ardor they ardor too

Ever see a street pucker in the heat me neither

The sum total is the recursive set curtailed in its self presence, "a presence"

Send in the audiacs for a goof sometime

How does whiteness do it?