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For Whom Does It Boom?

Pondering the foco theory
of dropping the kids off
at the pool as a form of self-
defense against future attack,
she shrieked at anything as though
everything, as though to flatter
herself with the paranoia
of sacrosanct undertow,
untainted by legality,
untainted by periods of
enforced leisure, untainted
by positions of equality
requiring subordination,
& sorry, but I don't have time
for an existential crisis right now.

Just sign the contract
workers & everything will be fine.
This is why we have cities.
This is why we we have hidden
proclivities & putative roots,
typewriters & ice-cube trays.
This is why Scratch says we
don't wanna upset the upsetter.
We're building buildings now,
putting the fun back in
free-market fundamentalism,
extemporizing the nutritive value
of beefsteak & so we have no time
for your medicatably ungracious,
your medicatably foregone.