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AZB of Reading

Picture the love which is only physical
Carrying on (a conversation) with the
Love which is in no way physical.
You best picture some one that doesn't
Do windows unless they feel like frames,
The practicality as easy as AZB
Against the backdroplessness of chronology
You once called meaning back when we
Sided with meaning so much we never met.

"I for one have only taken human form
To be convincing," said the savior,
A small town in SE Pennyslvania dying
To give birth to it, dying in advance for
The sins we have to go out of our way to
Commit for his sweet sake. Outside, the wind
And rain sang its siren song and hands
Were seen stealing from our heads to
Make sure the silly putty was on straight
So we couldn't hear the world for the
Mickey Mouse club Psychomachia
We're known to see it as still.

The candy sampler radio casts itself
As ID opposite the straightman of School,
TV, mean from too many years spent
Occupying the mean that deduces Eden
From the Sahara meanwhile back in
The zeitgeist where nothing is trapped
But that which thinks it's free
And nothing's life but that which
Can't be picked up, though foolproof
As a recipe and convincingly human
As a Pentagon frankly sick of sitting
At the head of the round table of
Your soul shopping for the camera
With which to photograph its cameralessness.

So picture the unforeseen as the airholes
In the jar of memory we flicker in,
The unforeseen done justice to accidentally
At best, the judge never understanding,
The case thrown out by the opposite of
An earthquake (as the Governor's urge
to crack down on crime is seen moving
to the right). If sure decisions are made
Only when theyt come up this may the
Biggest blizzard of shivering since trains
Of thought first derailed leaves of grass,
Chaotic as an urge for order, yet aware
That a differing mood may make out in such
Shivering the figures I can't see for
The haze that keeps me company until
The weekend approaches refusing to die
Unless it takes the week with it,
Not that it has it to lose.