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100% Beside Myself

I don't have to fight to see your brown eyes
but neither do I have the right to see your brown eyes.
I may, however, have to fight with myself
for thinking I have the right to see your brown eyes.

I do not deserve you, but I don't believe anybody
deserves anybody. So I am not insecure & not alone.
I am alone, but at least I know that I'm not alone
in being alone. Does this mean I'd feel more alone
when I'm with people, for instance, you?

I wouldn't rule it out, but then I have a hard
time ruling anything out. Not always, of course.
Now, forinstance, I'm doing a pretty good job
of ruling out whatever it is that doesn't want
to see you tomorrow night, whatever it is
that doesn't want you to be over your sickness.

Actually, the desire to see you sick
didn't even occur to me until now,
and seeing that I'm in a purely decorative mood,
I wouldn't worry about it if I were you

but if you did, I wouldn't worry about
your worrying if I were me, which I may
not be (unless you rule that out
so we can love the wall less travelled).