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from Uncommon Grammar Cloth


wanting something more.    wanting something more is less
than what is haved as two.    wanting having.    having had
wants more.    having had rarely satisfies.    taste
dissipates, bowels evacuate emptying to void check it
out, void make it out, void wanting want.    like your lips
like your sips, like your liking liking me.    i despise
being in need, being having been.    i despise being
needing when having need rarely satisfies.    to put it
another way, to place it in a separate drawer, to
separate the drawn from the written, the past tense
present in ease of being.    be all you can having been.    
rearing all passing tensely into easily in the left lane
bowled down.    bow before the magistrate, roaring your
better side rowing in the splash.    lash out as by
necessity without frump without pulling in the butt ox
pulling cart it away.    many roads later many paths now.    
many roads later many paths now.    tiptoe.    skip.    lay
flat grounded in cool clover a cool lover a soon to be.    
rock on, amigo.    rock on.

when too long having been needs by necessity and hasn't
had, the i which may have been ceases and fades into
someone's nostalgia.    like in a photograph, like in a
journal of one's undoing done in ink smeared into blurry
lines dropped into thoughts evaporated.    having been
ceases.    having been once or twice, remembering liking
like yesterday's folded pajamas, like a hot fudge
saturday, like elbowing me where it likes to like wanting
by necessity by biology by hormonally the twain shall
meet.    but i missed the twain, heard it choo-choo away,
or i dismissed the meet needing taking me elsewhere.    so
heart to figure, like, go, dude and duddettes with your
raisins in the sun with your noses in air conditioned
orifices.    catch my drifting away.    catch my cold
outside.    catch my thrust up imperious salutation.

can't always be a smile.    can't always be having had when
wanting needs less difference, less indifference, wanting
needs stark yes unblanketed and unflanneled.    can you
cover me when i'm left out.    can you cover me when
breezing in.    can the clover left outside brought in be
here be now be here    now without ouch pinch squeeze.    
without ouch pinch squeeze.    without ouch pinch teasing
the here and now.    or maybe, maybe capitalize OUCH to
repeat as often as OUCH,    to mince meet often, to often
upon occasion when not occupied with done.    some despise
livers, except when dying, except when their own
salvation depends, when needs reduced to minimum, when
everything is exactly not needed by necessity.    that's
where i need to get.    that's where gotten halves into
whole.    in the tomorrow of today, in the twilight of
brilliance, the sleep of waking, my eyes knowing only