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Where an arc of imperfect dissipation

Mathematics of what the intrinsic approximates�
structure or the number of how longing
ramifies�the pathway toward and divisible�
area halved and that halved area�area squared
and that squared area�a swatch of her grape-white blouse
for a second�the slope of her collarbone
under its swatch of grape-white blouse for a second
is singular and a moment is sixty�mathematics
of what the intrinsic approximates�volume and tidal
balance�the want to effect a sharpness of color
and degrees�in the millions was wont to recollect
a breath of instance�where a smudge of moon
where an arc of imperfect dissipation�the must do
to get to the must do to get to equals�sinews
of rain from the horizon's luminous cloud plus
her wispy her wispy blouse of going�